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Company Milestones

Sep 1, 2015

SPI announces strategic investment in electric vehicle rental business, to help power pioneering fleet of 100% clean-energy powered electric vehicles

Aug 19, 2015

SPI announces launch of "Lvdiantong" green energy payment platform

Jun 8, 2015

SPI enters into strategic cooperation agreement with Kong Sun Holdings Company, to leverage Solarbao.com to support construction of PV power projects

May 29, 2015

SPI announced the acquisition of Energiebau Renewables GmbH, a leading renewable energy company in Germany

May 8, 2015

SPI announces acquisition of controlling interest in Convertergy Technology, a leading provider of smart monitoring and optimization services in the PV industry

Apr 30, 2015

SPI announces agreement to acquire Shanghai All-Zip Roofing System Group Co., Ltd., a leading provider of comprehensive roofing solutions in China

Apr 17, 2015

SPI announces strategic partnership with ZBB Energy, a leading developer of energy storage systems

Mar 31, 2015

SPI announces agreement to acquire majority interest in Solar Juice, an Australian PV system distributor to bring its market coverage up to five major markets around the world

Jan 20, 2015

SPI announces launch of Solarbao.com, an online investment platform to host innovative investment products allowing investors to benefit from, and contribute to, the growth of solar energy in China

Jan 15, 2015

SPI announces relocation of operating headquarters to China