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Ningxia Anti-poverty Project

In response to the call for the nation to support poverty alleviation for working families, the SPI team went to great lengths in Ningxia to engage in developmental work and install a distributed PV power generation system for them. This project involved 2 counties (regions), 3 towns and 3 administrative villages in Ningxia, and will benefit about 3 thousand families.

Zhangbao Village, and Heicheng Village in Haiyuan County, as well as Yuanlong Village in Yongning County, Ningxia are listed as key regions for the project. There are plenty of resources in these regions and the roof structure and roof inclination angle etc. all comply with installation requirements for fixed PV power generation systems, with sound conditions for constructing rooftop distributed PV projects.

Yes Solar Ruijin Sunflower Village PV Project

The 250kW residential distributed PV power generation project for 50 families in Yes Solar Ruijin Sunflower Village (hereafter referred to as the "Project") is one of the first domestic PV power generation project allowing a financial innovation service.This is jointly applied by our Yes Solar product of Solar Power Engineering (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. together with Jiangxi Sunflower PV Science & Technology Co., Ltd. - a local PV enterprise in Jiangxi.

The purpose of this 50 home project is to install 250Wp solar PV panels on the roof in Mixi Village and Shijiao Village in Ruijin City, Jiangxi Province. The average per home is 5kW with 20 PV components, with a total of 1000 kW. It is predicted that 265 thousand kilowatt-hours of power will be generated in the first year, and there will be 238.5 thousand kilowatt-hours per year on average.

Community Commonwealth Festival

Solarbao served as a support unit for the "Community Commonwealth Festival" held by the Subdistrict Office of Chaoyang District Government and promoted environmental protection knowledge and awareness, popularization of financing knowledge, and provided volunteer services for community residents.

Fight Against Smog and Mask Distribution

Solarbao holds "Fight Against Smog and Mask Distribution" events which support the usage of clean and green energies and to fight against smog altogether. SPI contributes countless volunteer hours with this program to benefit local communities.