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SPI Energy is a global provider of photovoltaic (PV) solutions with a growing portfolio of residential, commercial and utility-scale solar power projects and investments and is benefiting from strong demand for green energy solutions worldwide, especially in China. Founded in California in 2006, it maintains operations in five major markets including North America, Europe, China, Japan and Australia. SPI Energy’s vision is to connect people to create a greener world.

In January 2015, SPI Energy moved its operating headquarters to Shanghai and began its transition to a green energy Internet company with the launch of Solarbao.com, an innovative e-commerce and investment platform.

To achieved global goals, SPI  Solarbao has been developded several important  strategic partnership projects since 2015. SPI Solarbao acquired Energiebau, a German PV power distributor, to accelerate its strategic layout in the European market.In April,SPI Solarbao acquired Solar Juice , which is an Australian PV system distributor to bring its market coverage up to 5 major markets around the world.In addition, SPI Solarbao makes an investment in the well known power storage technology company Ensync  to improve energy efficiency management.Ensync  is a leading enterprise engaged in developing innovative energy management systems, providing services for public facilities, commercial real estates and industrial real estates. Ensync's leading technology will help SPI take the first chance in the huge international market.

Faced with mounting congestion and environmental problems in urban areas, China’s market for electric vehicles (EVs)and high quality rental cars is growing rapidly. Solarbao.com is participating in China’s green vehicle revolution by serving as a finance platform for EVs and EV charging stations, and has already started to construct a network of Solarbao.com-branded EV chargers in key metropolitan areas. In September 2015, SPI invested in Beijing Yiwei New Energy Technology Development Company (“Yiwei”), a China-based EV rental business that allows consumers to book EV rentals anytime through mobile devices.

Through Solarbao.com and its other business units including Solarbao,Solartao,Solardian and Beijing Yiwei New Energy Technology Development Company, among others, SPI Energy is transforming the way people participate in the green economy and is helping to resolve environmental and air quality issues in China. It is creating a closed-loop online and offline green energy ecosystem from power generation and power storage to power efficiency management.

SPI Energy plans to grow its green energy ecosystem by growing its user base, increasing the investment amount per user and capturing more corporate customers and project developers.